First Treatment Pack Application

As a young person going through cancer treatment, you don't always know how that treatment will affect you. Different people have different side effects. Some symptoms that you may not expect may be helped by the contents of this pack.

We have tried to include an explanation as to how the items may help if you experience a particular side effect. However, please ensure that you read the information included with the individual item. if you have any adverse effects from any of the items provided, you should discontinue using immediately.

Examples of types of items which may be included.

Sensitive Toothpaste
Shower Cream & Bath Emollient
Dermatological Cream
Natural Sponge
Multi-functional Head-wear

To apply for a pack, you must be aged between 13 and 30, live or are undergoing treatment in either the county of Northamptonshire or Leicestershire and have been diagnosed with cancer at least 6 weeks ago.

If you would like to receive one of our packs, please fill in your details below. Due to the costs involved in purchasing the items, we can only provide a limited number of packs, so all we ask is that you only apply for a pack if you intend to make good use of the items provided.
Terms & Conditions

By submitting this application to the Andi Bull Cancer Trust you are confirming that you (or the person you are applying on behalf of) are:
1) Undergoing cancer treatment.
2) Are aged between 13 and 30 year old.
3) Resident and/or are being treated in either Northamptonshire or Leicestershire.
4) By submitting this application you are giving The Andi Bull Cancer Trust permission to process your data lawfully as detailed in our GPDR Policy.

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