2016 Collection Box Totals

Andi Bull Cancer Trust collection boxes are prominently located at various kind local businesses and locations, collecting money whilst raising further awareness of the charity. Please support these local businesses and facilities and If you spot one of our boxes and can spare some change please make a donation. If you are able to place one of our collection pots in your business please contact us to discuss. 



Total Raised in 2016
The Little Ale House, High Street, Wellingborough  £547.22
Sainsburys, Rockingham Road, Kettering  £358.35
The Viking Public House, Grangeway, Rushden £177.68
Croyland Car Megastore, Northampton Road, Rushden £173.68
One Stop Shop, Broad Green, Wellingborough £141.26
Spread Eagle Public House, Oakley Road, Corby £95.18
York Ward & Rowlet Parts, St John's Street, Wellingborough £51.20
The Ammo Room, Midland Road, Wellingborough £51.15
The Sundew Havester, Rockingham Road, Kettering £43.19
Wood Meadow Garden Centre, Kettering Road, Northampton £34.01
The Park House Public House, Venture Park, Kettering £33.30
Cromhall Diving Center, Cromhall, Gloucestershire  £30.10
York Ward & Rowlet Masterfit, St Johns Street, Wellingborough £17.92
Palm Beach, Commercial Way, Wellingborough £6.07
Broad Green Peugeot, St John's Street, Wellingborough £5.63
Vicarage Farm Community Centre, Grafton Close, Wellingborough £3.87
York Ward & Rowlet Service, St John's Street, Wellingborough £2.56
Sir John Lowther Center, Glendon, Kettering £2.40






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