Events & Trust News

Below you will find trust news and information from some of the many events that have taken place to raise money for the Andi Bull Cancer Trust, should you wish to arrange a similar event please do not hesitate to contact us


Susan held a coffee morning at Higham Ferrers Spring Gardens Community Centre on Saturday 29th January with Methodist Church members and raised £35. Thank you to everyone - hope you enjoyed your coffee!

A Senator Dance night was held at The Athletic Club (Bowls Section), Kettering on Saturday the 5th March and raised £200! Thanks to Barry for all his hard work organising this.

Freemans Junior School held their annual Christmas Nativity Service on December 15th 2010. Their collection amongst parents, grandparents and friends, of the children of Freeman's donated a wonderful total of £101.47, which they donated to the Andi Bull Cancer Trust, Thank you everyone.


Wellingborough District Cub Scouts held a Carol Concert on 1st December 2010 and donated the collection of £200 to the Andi Bull Cancer Trust. Thank you all.!


Fran, Simon, Dave and Russell, all had their heads and/or bodies shaved at a fundraising evening on 12th December 2010 at the Olde Victoria in Burton Latimer, in aid of four cancer charities - one of which was the ABC Trust. They raised £290 for each of the charities. Thanks to all of you as well as to the barber, Louise. I hope that your heads aren't feeling too cold in this weather!

1st Isham & Orlingbury Scout Troop manned a stall in December at the Isham Church Village Bazaar, selling items donated by the scouts, They made £58. Thank you to all the scouts and to Lynda for organising this.

Broad Green Peugeot staff in Wellingborough raised £63 by raffling xmas gifts on 24th December 2010. Thanks to Richard and all others concerned.


Doug walked more than 35 miles from Wellingborough to the Walkers football ground in Leicester on Saturday 13th November in time to see his team win 2-0 against Derby County. He raised £1133 to date!!! Well worth the walk Doug in both respects! Thanks also to Cathy for providing back up and a lift home!

Redwell Junior School in Wellingborough held a Carol Service on 17th December 2010. They donated their collection of £72.29 to the Andi Bull cancer Trust. Thanks to all the children, staff and parents at the school.

On December 14th 2010, the Andi Bull Cancer Trust received a cheque for £100 from the 1st Houghton Cub Scouts. They have been collecting up their loose change, donating their pocket money, searching down the backs of settees, raiding their piggy banks and claiming the loose change after mum's shopping trips as part of their Promise Challenge. They then covered their cub scout flag with all the coins. Thanks to Lynda and Gill for organising this.

During the week of 13th December 2010, Irthlingborough Nursery and Infants Schools' Nursery, Reception and Year One classes all held Christmas Concerts and donated £352 to the ABC trust. Thank you all so much for thinking of us and thanks to all children, parents and staff for organising this.

York Ward and Rowlatt in Wellingborough raised £250 from a raffle at their annual xmas party on December 3rd 2010 and an extra £50 from an auction of a meal for 2, given to them from the venue, during the following week. Many thanks to Diane for organising both of these events.

The friends of St Barnabas Infant School kindly agreed to a tombola within their Christmas Fayre on 3rd December 2010 in aid of Andi's trust. Brenda and Lesley asked for donations from family, friends and colleagues of chocolates, toiletries and bottles and were inundated. They raised an amazing £140. A lunchtime supervisor at St Barnabas also donated £20 from the sale of some jewellery that she had made, bringing the total to £160! Thank you to all concerned and thank you for your continuing support.

On December 1st 2010, Leaya completed a 24 hour sponsored silence whilst going about her daily routine including attending school. She was challenged by all sorts of people including her mum and brother but only communicated with a pad and paper. Leaya isn't naturally quiet, so admits that it was really hard to be silent for the whole time. She has raised £62 so far,

The Kent Branch of The Association of Master Upholsterers held a dinner and dance at the Brands Hatch Thistle Hotel in Maidstone on the 27th November 2010. They raised £707 at the dance and sold £250 worth of calendars. We hope everyone had a wonderful time. Thanks very much to Brenda for organising this.

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