We were made aware that Rainbows in Loughborough were in need of TVs for their rooms to help distract and entertain children and young people who reside at their facility. They previously only had a few small portable TVs which were shared between many rooms, however there really wasn't enough to go around and as they were only small were often difficult for some residents to see clearly. The Andi Bull Cancer Trust gifted sufficient TVs and associated wall brackets to be permanently installed in each room within 3 days of the application being received and submitted to our board for consideration. 

Kate Golding from Rainbows kindly provided us the photo right with a thank you note: "It was so lovely to meet you on Friday. We really can't thank you enough for the wonderful donation of all the TV's and wall brackets. Please pass on our thanks to all the committee for their generosity and speedy response to our application."

Sunday the 21st. The Andi Bull Cancer Trust - Registered Charity No: 1139471