Boys and girls in Beaver and Cub packs throughout Kettering and Corby, rode round Rockingham Speedway on Tuesday 6th May 2014. There was a total of over 500 riders all on the track. Halfords were on site to help the children with any bike repairs as well as with their badge work. George, aged 9, from 20th Kettering Pack said ‘ This was great fun riding with my friends and leaders, I managed 10 laps’ The money will be divided between two charities, one of which is the Andi Bull Cancer Trust which received a total of £491.50. Thank you so much to Bec Murphy and Linda Edwards, Assistant District Commissioners for Glendon district, for organising the event and for inviting us to the AGM to receive the cheque.




Saturday the 27th. The Andi Bull Cancer Trust - Registered Charity No: 1139471