2021 Calendar Photo Submission

The Andi Bull Cancer Trust would like to invite you to submit photos for our 2021 calendar.

Following the success of our past calendars, for 2021 we will again be welcoming photo submissions from all around the world!

As always the photo should be of a landscape and should not predominantly feature people or pets. For 2021 the location is again not restricted to Northamptonshire as it has been in previous years. We will still accept photos of our local area, however it doesn't matter if your photo is taken in Daventry, Derby, Denver or Dubai! - all will be judged equally.

Additionally we will accept multiple submissions per individual so there is an even greater chance one of your photos will be selected in the final calendar.

Please fill in the form below and upload your photo, if you wish to submit multiple photos, please submit each individually and note the location where each photo was taken.

Please remember, the photo needs to be in landscape orientation to be included in our calendar.

Size limit for each file is 5 MB
Terms & Conditions

By submitting a photo to the Andi Bull Cancer Trust you accept the following:
1) You have taken the photo you are submitting. If you are submitting a photo on behalf of a friend or relative you must obtain their permission and include their name .
2) You will receive no payment from the Andi Bull Cancer Trust for your photo, however, we will credit the photographer on any photos used, by including their name on the published photo
3) Once submitted, you give permission for the Andi Bull Cancer Trust to publish your photo and retain the copyright to the photo in our calendar




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