Should you wish to make an application for a gift from the Andi Bull Cancer Trust, you can do this online via our grant application page. Alternatively, should you prefer to fill in a form 'offline', the forms can usually be obtained on the hospital wards where you are undergoing treatment or we can post one to you, just Contact Us and we will be happy to help.

Should you have been recently diagnosed with Cancer, you may wish to apply for one of our 'First Treatment Packs', they contain a selection of products which we feel will assist. Click this link for further information and to apply for a pack. 

Should you wish to provide feedback to us when your application is completed we would appreciate it. this can be done by filling in and returning the feedback form included with the gift or online by following this link.





If you work at Leicester Royal Infirmary, Northampton General Hospital or Kettering General Hospital or other similar facility within Northamptonshire or Leicestershire and you have a suggestion on how we can assist Cancer patients undergoing treatment, please feel free to Contact Us to discuss.


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