Many eligible individuals have also applied directly to the trust and have been supplied with personal gifts. We regularly receive applications from individuals, an example of some of the items we have supplied are:

* Multiple magazine subscriptions to provide distraction to an individual.
* A digital camera to an individual who wanted to further their photography experience.
* Craft materials to a young creative individual.
* A 'Distant Learning' language course to an individual who wanted to make positive use of their time whilst undergoing treatment.
* Multiple Apple iPods to individuals, these have been a popular choice!


We really appreciate feedback from applicants so appreciate it when we receive feedback following a successful application. to provide feedback you can either fill in the paper form which will have been provided with your gift or alternatively fill in our online feedback by following this link.

We have received several messages from young individuals who have received gifts from the trust, below are just a few!

  • "Thank you very much for the headphones very much appreciated. God bless you."
  • "Thank you so much for the Spanish learning disk it means so much and it will help me pass time while I'm in hospital. Thanks"
  • "THANKYOU! :-)"

We pride ourselves on turning around an application for an individual request in as short a time as possible. This was largely driven by Andi's own experiences and he didn't want any application to the Andi Bull Cancer Trust to get held up in bureaucracy and complicated paperwork. Should you wish to enquire if you or a relative is eligible to apply to the Andi Bull Cancer Trust please do not hesitate to contact us. It is also possible to submit an application online by following this link.





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